Geneviève Vachon, is an architect (MOAQ) and a teacher in Urban Design and Architecture at the School of Architecture at Laval University. With the reasearch group Habitats + Cultures, she participated in the ARUC - Tetauan (SSHRC, Casault and al. 2009-14) in partnership with the Innu communities of Quebec Côte-Nord habitats and indigenous cultural landscapes. She is also responsible for the project  Habiter au nord du 49è parallèle (FSC, 2014-16) which aims to provide visualization tools for sustainable management of Innu communities. With colleagues at GIRBa, she organizes participatory planning approches and performs various research projects with a  particular interest in the adaptation of urban areas to climate changes.  

Michel Allard


Full Professor

Geography Department, University Laval


Michel Allard, full professor, mainly teaches geomorphology at University Laval. Northern researcher since 1979, Michel Allard is a regular member of ArticNet and also member of the Centre for Northern Studies (CEN) whose mission is to contribute to sustainable development of northern regions by improving the understanding and predictive capability changes that affects these environments. These active research focuses on the Artic Development and Adaptation to Permafrost in Transition (ADAPT) and research on permafrost to improve northern infrastructure and community life (ArticNet)

Samuel Bernier-Lavigne


School of architecture, Laval University

Vikram Bhatt


McGill University