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Indigenous Speakers
Various conferences over the years.

Enjeux et projets d'aménagement en milieux Innus - Gaëlle André-Lescop (2022) **

The right space for a bit of everything - Thomassie Mangiok (2022)

Dwelling differently - ArcticNet discussion panel (2021)

Indigenous Futurities, Designing for Resilience - Wanda Dalla Costa (2021)

Penser le Nord autrement - Discussion panel (2020)

Collection of scientific literature, must-read books and magazines.

Inuit Studies Conferences
International and multidisciplinary conference regarding Inuit peoples and territories.

Inuit Studies Conference 2016 (St-Johns)

Inuit Studies Conference 2019 (Montreal)

Listen to the Indigenous speakers first : Olivia Ikey (Introductory words), Hilda Snowball (Nunavik Cultural Landscape) and Harriet Burdett-Moulton (Recreation Facilities in Northern Communities: Design process with the people, not for the people).

Inuit Studies Conference 2022 (Winnipeg) 

Towards the autonomy of Inuit communities in the production of housing - Olivia Ikey & Arianne Côté (2022) **

ArcticNet Conferences

Annual international meeting of researchers, engineers and Inuit organizations studying the impacts of climate, environmental and socio-economic changes in the Arctic. 

Our Youtube Channel

Vlog the North

Capsules synthesizing fundamental research and research-creation projects.

Films, conferences and panels

Informative videos and presentations by the research partnership members and collaborators.

Architectural & Urban Design Workshops
Undergraduate and Master's students projects.

SNow - Conferences and results (2020)
Urban design workshop (2020) :
documents available on ARC-0000 Teams **

Planning Tools
Developped by graduate urban design students.

Adapting Inuit Villages to Northern Challenges (2022)

Permafrost Data Nunavik - Centre d'études nordique (2021)

Pinasuqatigiitsuta - A guideline for community planning in Nunavik (2019)

Imagining Inukjuak - A review of northern planning issues and strategies (2017)

Innuassia-um - Aménager les communautés Innues (2015)