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Collaborative research  École d'architecture de l'Université Laval


Indigenous Planning 

Northern Quebec is home to First Nations and Inuit communities who are claiming rights to safe, affordable, resilient and meaningful living environments  respectful of their culture and their land.

+ Architecture

Here are highlights of our collaborative journey in support

of the needs, words and worldviews of Indigenous communities in Quebec – Innu of Nitassinan, Inuit of Nunavik and Anishinaabeg of Nitakinan.


Collection of ideas for housing, facilities and planning by/for the North (2019)


Habitation : imaginaires et réalités autochtones (RAQ 47; 1, 2017)


Various stories, methods, inspiring practices & prototypes (2015-2022)


Building and Dwelling in Inuit Nunangat (EIS 44;1-2, 2020)


Tshinashkumitin to the late Jean-Guy Rock, wise and kind member of Innu Takuaikan Uashat Mak Mani-Utenam. We learned a lot from his love of Nitassinan. (Photo A.B. Cartier 2018)


Leveraging informal building practices (based on Kuujjuaq Hackathon 2017)


Collaborative, exploratory and open work about housing in Nunavik (2017)


How can the ancestral territory inspire the contemporary development ?


Portrait of the Innu communities of Nitassinan and Inuit villages of Nunavik


Our main goal : empowering local stakeholders along the way.

Together, we imagine places and tools that fit their values and desires by sharing and speaking out about what is important.

+ Design-Research

It is not about finding recipes but rater about integrating all kinds of knowledge into creative ways of doing and building as we move towards shared visions for housing, facilities, villages. 


Thesis project for a school sector design by/for Innu communities (2016)


A session on issues and challenges for a meaningful living environments (2019)

Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 4.12_edited.jpg

A construction game inspired by Inuktitut syllabics (2018)

Design charrette for Innu elementary school playgrounds (2018)


'' I saw these students come up with ideas that I can never think of. Basically, they were thinking outside the box. ''

Tunu Napartuk (RAIC, Ottawa, 2019)

Former Mayor of Kuujjuaq at National Urban Design Award

PODemeule photo_edited.jpg

A local and resilient architecture based on the Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit (2019)


A platform for the sharing of permafrost research carried out by the CEN (2021)


'' We have to demonstrate that we can do things differently. Patience and audacity to change things ! ''

Gaëlle André-Lescop (Quebec City, 2018)

Mamuitun Tribal Council at Mamu Metuetau Launch

IMG_9633 (2).jpg

A discussion on coastal, urban and energy challenges in Nunavik (2022)


A planning guide by/for Innu Takuaikan Uashat mak Mani-Utenam (2016)


A review of planning issues and strategies for future development (2017)

_8 Kangiqsualujjuaq Studio (2019) Pinard_edited.jpg

Principles to guide decision-making in the Northern Villages of Nunavik (2019)

What next ?

Our inclusive and supportive network thrives by doing things differently, challenging the status quo to foster meaningful change.


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Living in Northern Quebec

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