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From Sudbury to Strasbourg, our Innu partners from Uashat mak Mani-utenam shared their fundamental vision about the value of access to culture and the transmission of traditional knowledge. On November 9, Heidie Vachon, principal of Johnny Pilot Elementary School, and Ingrid Tshirnish, principal of Tshishteshinu Elementary School, were at the McEwen School of Architecture (Sudbury) to participate in the midterm review. From November 8 to 12, Marie Fontaine, professor of Innu language and culture, and Gaëlle André-Lescop, Mamuitun tribal council, were at INSA Strasbourg's architectural design workshop. Visit the students' blog to learn more !

Testimony from Eischezsorush Sadiq​ (McEwen's School):

"We had the pleasure of having Ingrid Tshirnish and Heidie Vachon, principals from elementary schools in Uashat Mak Mani-utenam, and Guillaume Levesque, architect, at our mid-crit. They gave us feedback on the work we had so far our project of a school in the Nitassinan. It was a creatively productive and positive atmosphere which encouraged us greatly. We had a round robin style critique where each one of our guests gave us unique, valuable feedback that will allow us to richly develop our designs for the final. It was crucial to have them all to contribute to our design with their unique experiences and perceptions."

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