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Our researchers participate in an international event of Imaginaire | Nord at UQAM, April 5, 2018

Patrick Evans (prof. UQAM), Mathieu Avarello (M.Arch + M.DU U. Laval), Simon Proulx (M.Arch + M.Sc U. Laval) and Fayza Mazouz (M.Env UQAM) are presenting their ungoing work in one of two roundtables on Creation, Dissemination and Research on the North and the Arctic, which will be held at UQAM on April 5 and 6. This is part of the cultural activities organized by the Imaginaire du Nord, de l’hiver et de l’Arctique chair.

The roundtables explore the cultures and values of Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Greenland, Finland and Denmark. The program brings together researchers and creators from many of these countries and is available here.

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