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Forging Scenarios for Inukjuak's Future : Development Through Collaborative Design 
Élaborer des scénarios pour le développement futur d'Inukjuak : par la conception collaborative

Par / By 

Pauloosie Kasudluak, Marie-Pierre McDonald & Geneviève Vachon

Collaborateurs au projet / Project's collaborators

Shaomik Inukpuk, Myriam Blais, Julien Landry, Laurence St-Jean, Sandrine Tremblay-Lemieux, Michel Allard & Gaëlle André-Lescop


Juin 2017 / June 2017

Through collaborative design and mobilization activities in Inukjuak and Quebec during the Winter 2017 semester, our team aims to illustrate scenarios of development and consolidation that may take place in Inukjuak’s future, as they relate to the new Master Plan. These scenarios put key Master Plan’s intentions into urban and architectural forms, so that the population may adhere to a shared vision of the future, prepare mandates for outside consultants, and think about the implementation process.

Inukjuak’s Municipal Council is close to approving the final version of the new Master Plan (February 2017) after a round of public consultations and adjustments made with KRG during 2016. Mayor Kasudluak, Town Manager Inukpuk, the Council and many citizens are quite invested in this process which will orient the village’s development strategies in the decades to come. However, the Plan does not include concrete examples of how the orientations will take form, especially for the areas within the village that can be consolidated or renovated (in accordance with soil qualities). What will these strategies look like? Where, exactly, will they take place? How will they fit with the residents’ expectations and identity? Our team’s intention is to mobilize members of the population, young and old, to gain further information about their expectations / representations / uses of village space, so that it can be included in the scenarios that will “incarnate” the culturally adapted future sectors of development and consolidation.


  • Orchestrate mobilizing activities with Inukjuak’s population, especially students, to co-produce knowledge about uses, expectations and representations of village space;

  • Synthesize this newly co-produce knowledge AND that of studios conducted at the School of Architecture into culturally adapted design scenarios for future development or consolidation that illustrate the possibilities offered by the Master Plan;

  • Illustrate the scenarios and the cultural values that underlie them so that they are useful communication tools for Inukjuak’s Council and population, as well as their collaborators and consultants;

  • Validate the scenarios with members of Inukjuak’s population.

* * *

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