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Elisa Gouin garnered the top honors at the 2019 edition of "Mon projet nordique"

Four doctorate students-researchers supported by Living in Northen Quebec: Elisa Gouin, Hakim Herbane, and Marika Vachon from Université Laval School of Architecture and Sarah Gauthier from the Geography department – have been selected to participate at the “Mon projet nordique” contest presented last May, 23rd at the Civilisation Museum in Québec city. Elisa Gouin garnered the top honors and will present her project during the Arctic Circle Assembly which will take place in October 2019 in Reykjavik, Iceland. She will present alongside six other internationally selected students. "The ultimate exercise in scientific popularization and synthesis, « Mon projet nordique », is a competition in which doctoral students will each have 5 minutes to present their northern research project. The purpose of the exercise: to popularize, inform and captivate."

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