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From November 8 to 12, Marie Fontaine, professor of Innu language and culture, and Gaëlle André-Lesc

At INSA Strasbourg, fourth year students worked on a cultural center for innu culture. The aim for the students was to take into account local resources, techniques and culture as potentials for a sustainable project. Similar workshop were driven at the same time in University Laval School in Québec and Laurentian University in Ontario, Canada.

At the beginning of the workshop, INSA's students worked on the innu social structure, art, spirituality, relation to landscape, contemporary architecture and vernacular architecture under similar climatic conditions, through scientific litterature. They then studied vernacular architecture through the making of models. Several exchanges between France and Québec were organised through videoconferences and helped students to discuss together about equity in architecture and ideas about the project.

Students blog: click here.

INSA Strasbourg: click here.

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