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"Vagabond, Nomadic House" Design Studio wins 2017 Studio Prize

The master's level Construction and design studio "Vagabond, Nomadic House" from the Laval University School of Architecture won the Studio Prize 2017! The prize, which recognizes general excellence, is awarded by the American Institute of Architects: "By highlighting the most innovative courses in architectural schools across North America, the Studio Prize offers a glimpse into the concepts shaping today’s design students, and into the ways they might influence the built environment in the future."

The workshop examined the recent conditions of sedentarization of Inuit communities, and sought to explore the nomadic ideal that marked their relationship to the territory. Reflections, which focused on the notion of "inhabiting", have led to several proposals of occupation at different scales, rallying the themes of construction, imagination and experience.

To learn more about the award and some of the proposals, visit the Journal of the American Institute of Architects by clicking here!

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