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An Exciting First Student Colloquium!

The 2017 edition of the Living in Northern Québec took place last Thursday at the Maison de la Littérature in Québec. 18 students gave 12 very interesting presentations on the issues, challenges and new research on planning and housing in the Inuit and Innu communities of Quebec.

Following a friendly evaluation, the jury awarded a total of three student grants for the following presentations:

Best research-creation project presentation:

Sandrine Tremblay-Lemieux: Aqsarniit – Safe House for Nunavik’s Youth (thesis project)

Best [ex aequo] research project presentations:

Patrice Bellefleur : E nutshemiu itenitakuet : A Key Concept in the Integrated Management of the Nitassinan Forests for the Innu Community of Pessamit (Master thesis)

Laurence St-Jean : Participative Processes and Culturally Meaningful Planning: Evaluation of a Decision-Making Guide by and for Innu Communities (Essay)

Honourable Mentions :

Antonin Boulanger Cartier, Pierre-Olivier Demeule & Marie-Claude Gravel : Solidarity in Architecture for the Indigenous and Inuit Communities of Quebec (design studio project)

Simon Proulx: Practices of Living in the Inuit and Innu Pictorial Representation of Quebec (master thesis)

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all the students who attended and presented at the symposium!

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