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From Québec to Tromsø: Understanding the Challenges of the North and the Arctic

A student from the Laval University School of Architecture, Alexandre Morin, was selected to participate in the Arctic Frontiers Conference Student Forum in Tromsø, Norway, from January 17th to 27th. This symposium aims at developing a better understanding of the opportunities and challenges of northern and Arctic development in a sustainable manner. Proud to be the representative of Laval University, he is one of a group of thirty young students who demonstrate a strong interest in the North and the Arctic, coming from various countries and accompanied by mentors working in the business, political and academic spheres.

During his stay, he will attend an intensive three-day course under the theme "Global Arctic" and will participate in various workshops to improve his team spirit and build a network with experts from the Arctic.

Alexandre will be happy to share what he learned during his week at the Arctic Frontiers Conference with his colleagues from Laval University.

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