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Salluit-Uashat Workshop : Back from Uashat !

On Sunday, October 23, 2016, the fourteen students are back from the Innu community of Uashat mak Mani-Utenam, near Sept-Îles in the Côte-Nord region.

* * *

Just a few days after being back from their stay in the Inuit community of Salluit in northern Nunavik, students had been able to observe similarities and differences regarding the development challenges that the Innu and Inuit communities are facing.

Accompanied by elected officials and by a coordinator of the Musée Shaputuan, the students visited the community so they can explicitly understand the planning issues of the community. In several exchanges, topics such as the conception of an architecture that better suits the Innu reality, housing and community development planning were discussed. Specifically, the themes of solidarity and urban densification were addressed during a discussion circle which the students and five members of the community, old and young, took part.

In conclusion of their stay, the students had the honour of participating to a sweating lodge session organized by members of the community. This spiritual experience will have contributed to a short immersion, but no less intense, in the Innu culture.

By the mid-course presentation on November 22nd, students will develop planning hypotheses and house prototypes that have the potential to better respond to the realities observed during their stay in Salluit, Nunavik and Uashat mak Mani-Utenam, Nitassinan.

The 14 students of Salluit-Uashat Workshop and the research partnership Living in northern Quebec thank these communities for their warm welcome and their generous contribution to the project.

For more information on the Salluit-Uashat Workshop.

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