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Salluit-Uashat Workshop : Back from Salluit !

Picture taken by : Bianca Robert

Students from Salluit-Uashat Workshop, supervised by André Casault, are back from Salluit. They are already preparing their next trip in Uashat.

Interesting relfexions and analysis to come.

* * *

Fourteen students from the École d'architecture de l'Université Laval left for Salluit on Wednesday, October 12th, 2016, for an intensive five-day stay.

Their first meeting was with a community worker staying at the Fusion Jeunesse, which was followed by an encounter with Salluit's Mayor, Paulusie Saviadjuk.

The group then visited the village with local school kids which provided quite a different perspective on things. Preliminary site analyses were also conducted.

A meeting with 50 students of Pigiurvik and Ikusik schools yielded rich discussions on housing types. The Workshop group also meet officials from the Qaqqalik Landholding Corporation.

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