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// Conferences on the North Challenges as part of the activity Decode the world : discover the North

Several conferences, workshops, evens, shows and gourmet meals were held in March 2016 at the Museum of Civilisation as part of the activity “Decode the world: Discover the North”.

To aboard different challenges of Northern Territory, Michel Allard and Caroline Desbiens, both researchers in the project LIVING THE NORTHERN QUEBEC, were invited to present lectures.

Michel Allard, Professor in the geography department at Laval University addressed the issues related to permafrost melting in his presentation called “The impacts of permafrost degradation on the carbon cycle”. In a context of global warming, melting permafrost can cause many damages which are difficult to predict.

Caroline Desbien, also a professor in the department of Geography at Laval University presented her lecture “Ten ideas for the North: small manifesto on nordicité”. It addressed issues of perception of the Northern territory in the southern collective imagination.

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