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// Student participation in NORDICITÉ 2016 Bilingual Symposium: Design and Sustainability in a North

NORDICITÉ Symposium was held in Montreal on March 12. The interest of this event lies within Arctic Regions, but also further south. Two students from the School of Architecture presented their research-creation project for the northern villages of Inukjuak and Kuujjuaq in this symposium which addressed isuues of nothern towns and indigenous communities.

Mathieu Avarello and Laurence St-Jean, students mastering in architecture and urban design presented their project : Nunavik 2040 : Imaginer l’aménagement nordique durable. With Jean Desy, Alain Fournier and Karine Awashish, students took part in the third panel : indigenousness, cohabitation and cultural valorization.

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