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/ March 11, 2016 CRAD Student symposium

Two teams of students will present the results of their work in the context of classes at Laval University’s School of Architecture at the CRAD (Planning Research and Development Centre) symposium.

1. Nunavik 2040 Imagining the Nordic sustainable development

Students: Julien Landry, a student at the simultaneous mastery in architecture and urban design, with Mathieu Avarello, Ève Renaud-Roy and Lorena Saez Graterol

This communication presents the results of a research-creation process initiated as part of the workshop / laboratory of urban design of the School of Architecture whose topic was Northern Quebec. It was to develop preliminary proposals for appropriate consolidation of cultural, territorial and climate in two villages of Nunavik: Kuujjuaq and Inukjuak while contributing to the reflections of the partners involved in the research project "Living in Northern Quebec: Mobilize, understand imagine "(SSHRC 2015-2020). The Communication presents the context of habitat in this northern region, its main development challenges and concrete examples of the interior for the two villages.

2. Living in the north of the 49th parallel: towards a decision support tool for the development of the Innu communities

Students: Laurence St-Jean, a student at the simultaneous master of architecture and urban design, with Sandrine Tremblay Lemieux and Gaëlle André-Lescop

This communication presents the results of applied research project "Living in the north of the 49th parallel: develop the Innu communities in culturally appropriate urban design principles" financed by the Fund service to communities (FSC) of the Ministry of Education and of higher Education. Conducted in collaboration with the tribal council Mamuitun and the Innu communities of Uashat mak Mani-Utenam, the project aims to develop tools for visual decision support in architectural and urban design, to support professionals and citizens in Innu their thinking meet urgent needs for expansion of their territory and renovation of their housing stock.

Date: March 11, 2016

Location : Gene-H.-Kruger Building, room GHK-2320-2330, Laval University

Quebec City, Canada

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